Have you ventured out to your backyard?

The warmer winter weather has been staying around for a while. These higher temperatures are above the mid 30’s and even low 40’s. Have you ventured out to your backyard? If you haven’t, you may want to check on your swimming pool.  Now is the perfect time to do so! The warm sunshine and clear … Read More


Wednesday is Valentines Day… it’s time to plan something special for our loved ones. Remember it is the thought that counts. With that being said, if you are like many Pool World customers then you are already ahead of the game! Take a moment to plan how you can transform your home and backyard into … Read More

Pool World Referral Program

If you are a pool, hot tub, sauna or barbecue owner and purchased it from Pool World, did you know that we have a special referral program? You have the ability to receive a free reward for referring a family or friend to us!  This is how it works. If your friend comes in and purchases one of … Read More


Over the last 2000 years, the Finns have known and experienced how a sauna has the ability to improve your life. Today, our society has modern technology and medical research to explain why a sauna makes you feel so great! Every sauna soaker experiences different benefits from heat bathing. Heat bathing has a multitude of … Read More

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart. For years we have known that there are many health benefits to using a sauna such as reduced stress, relaxed muscles, increased blood flow for better healing, clean healthy skin, and a better nights sleep, but  recent research provides even more reasons to enjoy time in a sauna. That feel good, warm feeling you … Read More

Have you ever heard about Pool Worlds referral program? If you haven’t, you are in luck! If you are a pool, hot tub, sauna, or barbecue owner and purchased it from Pool World then you have the ability to receive a FREE reward for referring a family or friend to us! This is how the … Read More

Pool World is all about water! Water is apart of everything and this is why we have passionately believed and share the benefits of water. There are a variety of diseases and illnesses that affect people every day and water therapy has the power to improve their condition as well as their day. Improve your … Read More

January is National Soup Month!

It’s National Soup Month in January! So far the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area has been hit with really cold temperatures, snow, and freezing rain! That means that a cup or bowl of hot soup will help take the chill away. Winter time is the ideal to perfect your soup-making skills. Everyone enjoys a warm … Read More

Find time to relax…

Now that the holidays have come and gone, the planned chaos is over. Hopefully the Christmas tree is down and people are starting to feel the groove of 2018. It’s finally the time for everyone to enjoy some relaxation! Yes, we’ve all been freezing with the winter temperatures, the snow, and ice but that doesn’t … Read More

Plug N Play Hot Tub Delivery

This beautiful hot tub has been delivered in the Post Falls area overlooking the river. FreeFlow Excursion Hot Tub is perfect for seating 5 adults in 290 gallons of warm swirling water. It features 25 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas. It’s the perfect hot tub for entertaining family and friends. Take the time to … Read More