Customer Reviews

Pool World – Yvette G.

I would also like to thank Lance for his excellent service. He, plus several of the other technicians, were able to provide the correct parts and outstanding service we needed for our hot tub that we did not originally purchase from Pool World. When it comes time to purchase another tub in the future, we will be returning to Pool World. We will also be referring our friends and family.

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Yvette G. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Rick F.

We are so please with the new pool your company installed here at the Valley YMCA. Our attendance is at record setting levels.

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Rick F. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Richard H.

I’d like to thank Lance Strasser for his help in selecting a hot tub. Lance was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Not only did Lance put us in contact with an electrician, he saw to it the the tub was delivered on time, and made operational. The whole experience couldn’t have been any better. From time to time we see Lance or he will call or send a quick note to see how things are and if he can provide any additional service. When I up grade I’m going back to see Lance.

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Richard H. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Penny B.

My husband and I have been long-time customers of Pool World. In fact we have purchased four hot tubs over a several year period. We have experienced consistent and exceptional customer service from all Pool World staff and especially from Lance Strasser of the Central Store. We have appreciated being able to work with familiar staff who understand what we are looking for. Our deliveries have been without problems and the delivery staff was professional and eager to answer our questions. Thank you Pool Word and thank you Lance Strasser for the excellent customer service you provide to our community!

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Penny B. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Neil & Liz M.

We decided to buy a hot tub after months of discussion and online research in the hopes that it would help take the edge off the long winter months of the Northwest. That is how we found ourselves at Pool World of Spokane. Upon entering the store, we were surprised at the number of Hot Tubs on display and by display, I mean fully filled and operational. We browsed alone for a few minutes and then we were approached by Kevin. We did the usual song and dance  just looking and might be in the market for a Hot Tub. This wasn’t our first rodeo and we wanted to have some options. Kevin did not let that deter him and over the next hour, he treated us to a first class tour of all the Hot Tubs Pool World had to offer. Kevin focused on the lifestyle with an emphasis on the health benefits of Hot Tubs. We asked for informational pamphlets, which he provided in the form of a professional brochure. We promised to get back and he took us at our word. We went home and discussed our options but essentially the decision to buy from Pool World had been made. We gave Kevin a call. At our next visit, we looked at two Hot Tubs with Kevin giving us the pros and cons of each. After settling on a hot tub, we sat down at a table to discuss financing, installment, and maintenance. Financing was easy, as we had planned for this purchase. As with any purchase of this nature there were extras thrown in, not to entice to buy but as appreciation for buying. Kevin arranged for delivery of the Hot Tub and setup, including giving us the name of an Electrical Contractor who would take care of all of those arrangements at an agreed upon price. The big day arrived and the Hot Tub showed up with a team of five to install it. Once the installation was complete to include filling we were given a complete tutorial on operation and chemical balance. That was 5 months ago. We use our Hot Tub most every day to include sub-freezing and snow days. Our winter attitude has been positive and it has provided us an opportunity to have a lot of quality time as a family. Our children love it; our family loves it, and more and more our friends show up with the swimsuit when they come over. A great decision for us made easy by Kevin and the Pool World Team. Thanks! Neil and Liz.

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Neil & Liz M. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Mark and Diane P.

It is always a pleasure to do business with a company that stands behind their work. We truly appreciate it, and look forward to continued years of business with your company.

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Mark and Diane P. — CDA, Idaho

Pool World – Keith B.

We have been using Pool World for 8 years. Lance has always provided above and beyond customer service when we are in the store asking questions. Both Grady and Casey are extremely helpful with product guidance based on water sample results. The service department has been very accommodating and conscientious on site when opening or closing our pool. When there are many choices for pool needs the fantastic personal service in addition to their products is what keeps us loyal! Keith and Kristen B.

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Keith B. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Jerry S.

I want to thank Dan M., Mgr of the Country Homes North Store, and his staff. They are always very professional and helpful. Recently, I had a problem with my Hot Springs Spa. Dan went out of his way to help me toubleshoot the problem, provide the right part and gave me guidance with the repair. This is a great example of exceptional Customer Service and I appreciate it! Thank-you, Dan!  

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Jerry S. — CDA, Idaho

Pool World – Jeanie H.

We would never consider going anyplace but Pool World to buy a hot tub or for our supplies. They are always the friendliest and most helpful people. When windstorm hit Spokane and a tree landed on top of our hot tub, just one phone call and Samantha had a copy of our original invoice to us, so we could give it to our insurance agent. She was so helpful, kind and understanding. Thanks Samantha!! You are the best!

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Jeanie H. — Coeur D'Alene

Pool World – Dick & Maggie H.

14 years ago, while constructing our home and shopping around for a pool company, we selected Pool World of Spokane and have never regretted that decision! There were other pool companies who offered a cheaper package but, looking at a long term investment, there was one clear standout when it came to quality- Pool World. Ted Puryear & Mark Henderson helped us design THE pool that met our needs. Pool equipment and installation were first rate. In the intervening years they have stood by their product and given us great service. Since we live 2+ hours from Spokane we have phoned Pool World technicians whenever a pool question arose, they have always been very generous with their time and incredibly knowledgeable (we think they all have PhDs in chemistry.) If we were to do it all over again, we would use Pool World.

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Dick & Maggie H. — CDA, Idaho

Pool World – Dave K.

I’ve been using Pool World for many years and have never been disappointed!! They always do what they say they will do and they will do it when they say they will. They have many amazing employees. Jason is a regular at my pool openings and closings and he is an expert at what he does. I get great comfort knowing he is the man that is taking care of my pool needs!!! Thank you Jason and Pool world!!!

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Dave K. — CDA, Idaho

Pool World – Christine G.

Both my husband and I are extremely happy with our Caldera Marino spa purchased at the North Country Homes facility. We had an extremely difficult installation, with covered decks, no access from the sides of the house, or the back, as we are located on the edge of a cliff. Manager Dan Meacham created a plan that allowed the tub to be placed on the deck with minimal fuss, considering all the obstacles. We are pleased beyond measure. We had a previous Hot Springs Grande which was installed when the house was built, and after it developed a leak twenty years later we thought we would never be able to have a hot tub again, so we are thrilled! A big big thank you!  

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Christine G. — CDA, Idaho