Green Products

 Pool World Wants To Help You Help The Environment!

These days environmental consciousness and energy efficiency are high priorities.  Fortunately, new “GREENER” technology has made its way into the pool and hot tub industry.  New, more efficient products mean a smaller environmental impact and the possibility of substantial yearly savings.  You’ll also have piece of mind that you’re being a good steward of our energy resources.

Pool World is now offering to have one of our pool specialists come out and do an efficiency report for your pool, at NO CHARGE.  Just give us a call and say, “I’d like to have an efficiency report.”  We’ll send our specialist out and let you know what you could do to make your pool/hot tub as efficient as possible!  A GREEN pool can be a good thing.

Tips and Ticks for Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly
  • Reduce heat loss by using a pool cover
  •  Clean your filter regularly to obtain maximum filtration and energy efficiency
  •  Keep intake grates clear of debris. Clogged grates require the pump to work harder
  •  Use a lower heat in the pool
  •  Reduce filtering time
  •  Reduce pump speed to save on energy use
  •  Replace old pump with a new energy efficient pump
  •  Install a Heat pump or Solar heat on your pool


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