Swim All Year Long

The winter weather will be here for a while but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a dip into a pool. The Endless Pools Fitness Systems have the ability to expand your swim season to all year long!

In our colder climates, majority of the installations of Endless Pools Fitness System completed in doors but there are other options. Some customers choose to do a planetarium to extend the outdoor swim season or have their unit super-insulated to withstand colder climates like ours that gets snow.

Just image how an endless swimspa will change your life by giving you the best of both worlds; exercise and relaxation. There are a variety of options to choose from to ensure that you have everything you need to exercise in your new SwimSpa. One of the most popular options is an underwater treadmill combined with the endless swim current. It provides you the option to swim or walk against a current while the water reduces the impact on your joints. The second portion for a SwimSpa is the ability to use it for relaxation. It may be bigger than a traditional hot tub but it has all the same therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Each unit has sculpted seating arrangements with customizable jets to swirl away any tension or stress in your life. Every time you leave your SwimSpa you will feel like a new person!

Now is the time to purchase a SwimSpa. Pool World just placed two Endless Pool SwipSpa displays on clearance! Take advantage of the savings over $5,000! Stop into your local Coeur d’Alene Pool World store for more information!

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