Hot Spring Hot Tub’s Instant Rebate Event!

Hot Spring Spa’s Instant Rebate Event only happens once a year and it’s going on now! This is a limited time event that expires on September 25th. Don’t miss the opportunity to save up to $1000.00 on all Hot Spring Highlife Collection!

Hot Spring Highlife Collection

Every hot tub in the Highlife Collection offers premium features that provide you with the best hot tub experience every day for years to come. Hot Spring Hot Tubs are known for their innovative jets combinations, superior filtration and advanced water care systems.

Hot Spring Highlife NXT Collection 

The next generation of hot tubs has arrived within Hot Springs Highlife NXT Collection with the premium features of the Highlife Collection but has been enhanced! Within this new collection of hot tubs you will notice sculpted shells, redesigned jets, innovative exterior design and new look! Not to mention the new control system for operating the lights, jets and all the other special features available. The distinctive enhancements include the polymeric sub-structure, indicator lights, architectural molded corners, exterior lighting, and a polymeric base pan.

For more information on Hot Spring Spas, please visit our Residential Hot Tubs!

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