Pool World - Neil & Liz M.

Pool World – Neil & Liz M.

We decided to buy a hot tub after months of discussion and online research in the hopes that it would help take the edge off the long winter months of the Northwest. That is how we found ourselves at Pool World of Spokane. Upon entering the store, we were surprised at the number of Hot Tubs on display and by display, I mean fully filled and operational. We browsed alone for a few minutes and then we were approached by Kevin. We did the usual song and dance  just looking and might be in the market for a Hot Tub. This wasn’t our first rodeo and we wanted to have some options. Kevin did not let that deter him and over the next hour, he treated us to a first class tour of all the Hot Tubs Pool World had to offer. Kevin focused on the lifestyle with an emphasis on the health benefits of Hot Tubs. We asked for informational pamphlets, which he provided in the form of a professional brochure. We promised to get back and he took us at our word. We went home and discussed our options but essentially the decision to buy from Pool World had been made. We gave Kevin a call. At our next visit, we looked at two Hot Tubs with Kevin giving us the pros and cons of each. After settling on a hot tub, we sat down at a table to discuss financing, installment, and maintenance. Financing was easy, as we had planned for this purchase. As with any purchase of this nature there were extras thrown in, not to entice to buy but as appreciation for buying. Kevin arranged for delivery of the Hot Tub and setup, including giving us the name of an Electrical Contractor who would take care of all of those arrangements at an agreed upon price. The big day arrived and the Hot Tub showed up with a team of five to install it. Once the installation was complete to include filling we were given a complete tutorial on operation and chemical balance. That was 5 months ago. We use our Hot Tub most every day to include sub-freezing and snow days. Our winter attitude has been positive and it has provided us an opportunity to have a lot of quality time as a family. Our children love it; our family loves it, and more and more our friends show up with the swimsuit when they come over. A great decision for us made easy by Kevin and the Pool World Team. Thanks! Neil and Liz.

Neil & Liz M. - Coeur D'Alene